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Studio Policies

Studio Policies for Parents and Students. Please be kind and follow the rules.

Class Attendance

Absences. Please call the studio to inform us if a student is going to be absent. Class attendance is recorded each week and any student with numerous absences will jeopardize their chance of participating in the annual recital.

Tardiness. Students should arrive at the studio five minutes before class so they have sufficient time to prepare. Please call the studio if a student is going to be late. If a student is more than 10 minutes late, they will only be allowed to participate at the instructor’s discretion.

Teacher Absences. If an instructor is unable to teach class, we will provide a qualified substitute for that day.

We reserve the right to cancel any class during the session (i.e., remove it from the schedule) if the class has no more than four students registered.

Inclement Weather. If the studio closes due to bad weather, we will send an email and leave a message on the voicemail. Fifth Dimension Dance Center is not responsible for classes canceled as a result of weather or any other extreme circumstances beyond our control. Tuition will not be prorated or refunded.

Studio Etiquette

Behavior. We expect our students to behave properly at all times, both while in class and on our premises. They must be disciplined, responsible, and respectful to their instructor and peers. Should a student act in a manner deemed inappropriate in any way, the teacher has the right to immediately dismiss them from the class. This includes offensive attitudes, poor relations with other students, bad work habits or any unacceptable behavior.

Ongoing behavioral issues will be reported to the parents and handled on a case-by-case basis. Students will only be allowed back into class at the discretion of the instructor and management.

Students may not leave class without receiving permission from the instructor first.

Cell phones must be turned off or put in silent mode during class. Students are not permitted to leave class to answer their phones. If a parent needs to contact their child in case of emergency, please call the studio.

No students are allowed in the studio until the class begins. They must wait in the lobby or common area until the teacher has invited them in.

Supervision. All children, both students and their siblings, must be supervised at all times. Running in the lobby or studio is not allowed. Any of the studio’s mats, balls or hula hoops are not to be taken out for play. Please be respectful and talk quietly in the lobby so as not to distract the students or the office staff.

For students under 5 years of age, parents must stay in the lobby at all times in case of emergency. If you must leave for any reason, please notify the front desk. Leaving should only be for a short period of time, not the entire length of the class.

Observation. No friends or family members are allowed in the dance studio to observe class or sit with their child. Only registered students are allowed to be inside. Please do not distract the students through the windows.

Students may not enter and exit the studio multiple times throughout the class. This creates a distraction for the other students and makes it difficult for the teacher to progress with the class. We understand that children’s needs are all different and they require time to become comfortable with a classroom setting. The first two weeks of class are a period for your child to become acclimated to their teacher and fellow students. We encourage you to talk to your child before their dance class about staying inside the studio and participating in class.

Dress Code

Dress codes MUST be followed. If a student is unprepared for class without the proper attire or shoes, they will not be allowed to take class that day.

Preschool Combo: Girls: Any color leotard and pink tights. Any color ballet skirt allowed. Boys: white t-shirt with black or navy blue sweatpants. Ballet shoes/tap shoes. (Boys typically wear white or black ballet shoes).

Ballet/Pointe Classes all levels: Solid Color leotard (no gymnastic leotard or multi-color leotards) and pink tights. Ballet shoes required (pink split sole ballet shoes, leather or canvas – only men may wear white or black ballet shoes). Hair must be pulled back in a bun.

Contemporary/Jazz: Any color leotard or tank top and dance pants. Jazz shoes for both classes. Contemporary Class may be in bare feet or black socks, depending on the teacher preference and style of dance presenting.

Hip Hop: Comfortable clothing – t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweats or stretch pants acceptable. Clean sneakers/combat boots must be brought to the studio for class; not worn on the way.

Tap: Comfortable clothing – t-shirts, tank tops, shorts, sweats or stretch pants acceptable. Tap Shoes.

Acro: Any color leotard or tank top and dance pants. Bare feet.

Hair: For all classes, hair must be pulled back in a bun or neat ponytail. This includes hip hop! For ballet, it MUST be in a bun. If hair is too short, please wear a headband or clips to secure hair away from face.

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