Dance Company

Team Members Requirements

Dance Company Team Members Requirements

Auditions will be held prior to each dance season. Dates will be announced in the Summer.

Required Classes:

Dance Team Members must be enrolled in the following 8.0 hours of Mandatory Classes (6 for Students taking Pointe Class) per week. Total Cost for all classes and electives will be $295.00 per month.

  • Ballet (Please note that each member will be required to take only two ballet class per week but it will be 1.5 hours in length; this will include Pointe) = 3.0 hours
  • Jazz = 1.0 hour
  • Cotemporary = 1.0 hour
  • Hip Hop = 1.0 hour
  • Technique = 1.0 hour
  • Saturday Warm up/Technique/Leaps/Turns = 1.0 hour

*Company Team members are required to bring to Ballet and Technique class: Yoga Blocks; Ankle Weights; and Therabands.


  • Tap
  • Acro
  • Modern
  • Conditioning

Company Fees:

$450 Annually

Payment Options:

Annual Payment – Due July 31st

Bi-Annual Payment – $225 1st payment July 31st; $225 2nd payment due January 1st.

Mini’s Dance Company Team Members Requirements

Required Classes:

Mini’s Dance Team Members must be enrolled in the following Mandatory Classes, unless otherwise advised different by the teachers.

  • Ages 5 and under: Required one class
    • Combo Class
  • Ages 6 – 9: Ballet is required and select at least one other class (Jazz or Lyrical). Students 5 and under will need pre-approval to enroll in an additional class by the Teachers. Readiness, skill set, and attention span will be taken into consideration.
    • Ballet
    • Choose one from either Jazz or Lyrical

Mini’s Company Fees:

$225 annually for Mini’s

Payment Options:

Annual Payment – Due July 31st

Bi-Annual Payment – $112.50 1st payment July 31st; $112.50 2nd payment due January 1st.


Company Members are required to attend 2 Regional dance competitions, two Conventions (one of the conventions will have dances compete) and a Nationals Convention. The Mini’s will be advised which convention they will be attending.
Sample Dance Competition Fees – Typically Due six weeks prior to competition date, exact dates/fees will be provided once the competitions have been identified.

  • $35-50 per dance (small or large group)
  • $60-80 per duet/trio
  • $100 - $125 for solo’s
  • $245-275 –Convention Workshop Fees

Competition Costumes: can range from $50- $125 plus cost of materials (stones, glue, jewelry). Payment options/methods will be advised to you by the staff in the Fall.

Make Up & Competition Accessories: Required Competition jewelry, and designated shoes. Teachers will advise on shoe preference, required jewelry, makeup and hair accessories for each dance.

Jackets and Dance Team Active wear Clothing will be available for purchase. All Company Team Members will be required to purchase a jacket. Link to purchase items will be provided.

2018 Regional Competitions and Convention

Exact Competition Fees and Due Dates will be provided as soon as they become available. Expect due dates to be approximate six weeks prior to date of competition to allow us to register students timely and provide you with a schedule as soon as it is administratively available.

Mini’s will be advised which Conventions they will attending and/or performing as soon as possible.

We plan on taking all group dances to one of the Conventions; we will confirm which one as soon as possible.

Dancers may take their solos/duets/trios to the Conventions.

Date Competition/Convention Location City
February 16-18 Intrigue Convention/Competition Hyatt Regency Orlando Airport Orlando, FL
March 9 - 11 In10sity Competition Tampa – Jefferson High School Tampa, FL
April 13 – 15 Radix – Convention/Competition Orlando County Convention Center Orlando, FL
April 20 – 22 Starpower Competition Lakeland Center Lakeland, FL

July – Starpower Nationals:

  • July 3rd – July 7th – Starpower Nationals Competition – Dolphin Orlando

Winter Intensives

  • Dates TBA

Summer Intensives/Auditions

  • Dates TBA

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