Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms

It develops the dancer’s flexibility, balance, strength and posture. It is highly recommended that the first class a dancer signs up for is ballet. Students are required to be enrolled in a ballet class if they want to take a Lyrical/Contemporary or Jazz Class. Ballet Class is one hour with the exception of Company Dance Members which is 1.5 hours.

Romantic ballet

Romantic ballet is defined by an era during the early to mid 19th century (the romantic era) in which ballets featured themes that emphasized intense emotion as a source of aesthetic experience.

Classical ballet

Classical ballet is based on traditional ballet technique and vocabulary.

Neoclassical ballet

Neoclassical ballet is a style that utilizes classical ballet technique and vocabulary, but deviates from classical ballet in its use of the abstract.

Contemporary ballet

Contemporary ballet is a form of dance that opens up the doors for any style to influence a work made utilizing ballet technique.

5th Dimension Dance Center provides beginners to experts the opportunity to study with the top industry professionals and benefit from instructors of extensive knowledge in the dance world.